Advanced Techniques involved in STDs

Light microscopic examination of a sample of urethral discharge can be used to diagnose gonorrhea in men. Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) may also be used. In male gonorrheal urethritis, stained microscope slides will show Gram-negative diplococci (Caple et al., 2012). For women, a more sensitive and specific test is needed, and NAATs of urine or of a swab of the affected area are the preferred test techniques (Matteucci et al., 2012).

Urine samples can be used to test for urethritis in both genders. Recent urination will have washed gonorrheal discharge from the urethra. Therefore, to collect sufficient discharge, urine samples should be taken at least an hour after the patient’s last urination.

Vaginal swab specimens are used to test for cervicitis. Gonorrheal cervicitis produces sufficient discharge that swabs need not be taken by speculum examination. Instead, they can be collected blindly by the patient herself.

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