Advanced technologies in polymer synthesis

In recent years polymer industries have been challenged by the demand for improved multifunctional, high grade and more specialised polymers. Researchers and developers are coming up with newer technologies to enhance existing polymers or synthesizing technologies. Advanced polymers such as nanofibers are synthesized from technologies like electrospinning which is one of the most efficient techniques of fabrication. There are also other polymers that have been produced with electrospinning which are ultrafine and such nano-scale materials find applications in reinforcement of nanocomposites. Plasma polymerization is also being used to synthesize polymer films, it utilizes plasma to provide energy to fragment or activate gaseous or liquid monomers to induce polymerization. The advantages plasma polymerization, are ability to produce polymer films of organic compounds that cannot be polymerized through chemical polymerization and another advantage is that it is more suitable for precision nano-coating applications compared to conventional coating methods. The reusable electrodes add to the green aspects of this method.


  • Polymer nanofibres
  • Synthesis of nanotubes and nanofibres
  • Synthesis of thin films by plasma polymerization
  • Recent advances in microwave-assisted polymer synthesis
  • Synthesis of high-temperature aromatic polymers
  • Synthesis of well‐defined glycopolymers

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