Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes

The concept of 'advanced  technologies' for type 1 diabetes and new discovery and the emerging therapies in type 2 diabetes have expanded in recent years at a rate that some might consider comparable to the 'Moore’s Law', and also the sheer number of new technologies entering into the type 1 diabetes market place is also growing at a remarkable rate. From the patient’s perspective, this is not only exciting but it can leads to a sense of optimism. Technologies that today are growing in a commonplace (e.g. insulin pumps, rapid HbA1c monitoring, etc. come under new therapeutic mechanisms of diabetes. Indeed, it could be argued that the  latest advances in type 1 diabetes care made within the last quarter of a century have come from technology rather than in biology. At the same time, not all new technologies succeeded (e.g. the Glucowatch), regardless of their purported promises. Both the type 1 diabetes patients and their healthcare providers will soon see a series of further advanced medical technologies are used in hospital and the new technologies and novel therapy  in diabetes treatment whose basis is tied to the notion of improving the lives of those with the disease.

  •   Closed Loop System And Algorithm
  •  New Insulin Delivery Systems
  •  Usage Of Informatics In The Medicinal Field
  •   Usage Of Telemedicine
  •   Implantation Of Artificial Pancreas
  •   Glucose Content Sensors
  •   Advanced Multidisciplinary Approaches for Controlling Diabetic Eye Diseases
  •   Nano medicines set to revolutionize the treatment of diabetes
  •   Rapid activity insulin
  •   Pharmacotherapy
  •   Novel Pharmacological Approaches to the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
  •  Short activity insulin
  • Sulfonylureas
  •   Meglitinides
  •  Ultra-long acting insulin
  •  Insulin mixtures
  •   Biguanides


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