Advancement of surgical and non-surgical techniques in otolaryngology

Surgery is considered to be the oldest and most refined method to treat abnormalities related to ear, nose and throat. Ear surgery is conducted to correct specific causes of hearing loss. Nose surgery basically includes different types of procedures to treat sinus problems (sinus surgery). Wherereas, Pharyngeal (throat) surgery can include complicated procedures such as (laryngectomy) in case of larynx cancer or more simple procedures such as (adenoidectomy) or (tonsillectomy). Head and neck surgery is necessary to remove a tumor or reconstruct an area after deformation from trauma or injury.
Endoscopic sinus surgery has allowed a visibility inside the nose and sinuses, and a much better understanding of their diseases.
There are many other non-surgical treatments available to treat problems related to ear, nose and throat at acute level.  Antimicrobial agents are mostly prescribed for both acute and chronic sinusitis. Antifungal medications are also very effective against fighting with ENT infectious diseases.

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  • Radiologic Imaging of the paranasal sinuses and skull base
  • Endoscopic anatomy of the skull base and parasellar region
  • Endoscopic skull base reconstruction- Complications
  • Genetic diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss
  • Otologic and neurotologic diagnostics and tests
  • Rinne’s test
  • Role of maskers in tinnitus management
  • Impedance matching function of middle ear
  • CS 9300 for ENT and dental imaging
  • Temporal bone imaging

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