Advances in Bioprocessing

Bioprocess engineering plays a key role in the development and optimization of bioprocesses leading to the products of biotechnology. A survey of the state-of-the-art in this field is greatly needed. This work covers all the essential sub-areas and as such is required reading for scientists active in all the disciplines involved in bioprocess engineering.
The work is a reflection of the First International Symposium on Bioprocess Engineering, June 1994. However, it must be emphasized that the book cannot be perceived as a regular symposium proceedings volume: a strict peer-review process assures the readers of a high level of quality; more than a quarter of the work consists of invited contributions, while less than half of the spontaneously submitted manuscripts were accepted for publication. 
Advances in Bioprocess Engineering belongs among the indispensable set of instruments of today's researcher in this field. 

  • Interdisiciplinary Approach To Bio Processing
  • Unit Operations In Bio Process
  • Fluid mechanics and Transport phenomena
  • Environmental Protection and Energy
  • polymers
  • Micro electronic and optical materials
  • Bio engineering
  • Bio process engineering
  • process engineering

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