Advances in Nanomedicine

The development of Nanomaterials and nanotechnology has delivered a new generation within the field of Nanomedicine. The application of the Nanomedicine within the distinct fields of drugs are assisting the human race for the step forward in drug transport, blood purification, tissue engineering most cancers and additionally associated fields of drugs. The market analysis says that the Nanomedicine income for the most cancers prognosis has crossed $7.1billion in 2009 and with over 230 companies in Nanoinformatics and forty five products worldwide of Nano bio-era at the very least $4.6 billion in research and improvement is been invested each yr. more than 490 universities of Nano medicine around the arena and about fifty four industries in India are doing studies in drug shipping and biomedical instrumentation. Almost $9, six hundred million is been funded on this assignment. Tissue engineering is the existing studies that are concentrated through the UK.

The application of the Nanomedicine in the different fields of medicine are helping the human race for the breakthrough in drug delivery, blood purification, tissue engineering cancer and also related fields of medicine.More than 490 universities of Nano medicine around the world and about 54 industries in India are doing research in drug delivery and biomedical instrumentation.Nanomedicine sales for the cancer diagnosis has crossed $7.1billion in 2009 and with over 230 companies  in Nanoinformatics and 45 products worldwide of Nano bio-technology a minimum of $4.6 billion in research and development is been invested every year.

  • BLOOD Purification
  • Cancer
  • Photodynamic teraphy
  • Medical devices
  • Drug delivery
  • Tissue engineering
  • DNA technology
  • Nanobiotechnology

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