Advances in Packaging

The development in Food and beverage packaging is an interdisciplinary area, where materials, safety, systems, regulation, and supply chains play vital roles. Recent advancement in Food and beverage packaging are non-destructive inspection methods, smart packaging, printing techniques, automation architecture, application of robotics and machineries, software systems and interfaces are reviewed.

The recent advances in Food and beverage packaging technologies have improved things both from a consumer safety perspective and for manufactures as well. However, there are several areas which require further exploration. These include: the development of toxic free and degradable or edible packaging materials that are for humans as well as for the environment: further research into regulations governing the assessment and use of these technologies worldwide. The development of the 3M TM Monitor Mark indicator and others have generated much momentum in the area of food packaging research and we believe that in the near future this will be followed by the development and widespread use of many other similar indicators.

  • Edible Packaging
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Water soluble Packaging
  • Self cooling and Self heating Packaging
  • Flavour and Odour Absorber

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