Advances In Virology

Context of the propagative research of infectious virus: prompting the utilization of progressive technologies and methodologies to overcoming impediment challenges and risk to mankind by collaborating the translation and exchange of emerging ideas and advancements. Focus to develop the field of medical virology by promoting progressive technologies and convergence areas of research that have not been utilised previously. Blending with distinct research fields results in progressive approaches to work on infectious diseases caused by viruses.

The advancement of potential assays for the diagnosis of these diseases as result of current observations in the viral aetiology of many infectious diseases, and considerable progress in our insight of the history and the steps of the viral life cycle, pathogenesis and chemotherapy of infectious diseases.

  • Synthetic viruses
  • Fusion of viral membrane
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Viruses are using fats to penetrate a cell
  • Using microarrays in virology
  • Retroviral vectors for gene therapy
  • Adinoviral vectors for gene therapy
  • Immunotherapy as HIV treatment
  • Recombinant Viruses as gene therapy Vectors
  • Viral Aptamers as therapeutics
  • Interleukin immune therapy
  • Antibody Therapy Against Viruses
  • Gene Therapy for Viral Infections
  • Antiviral Drugs and Adjuvants
  • Antigen Presenting Cell-Targeted Therapy
  • Reprogramming of Viruses

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