Advantages and dis advantages of Telemedicine

Many patients feel uncomfortable to go to hospital or doctor-chamber. Mobile Telemedicine creates communication among patients & healthcare professionals maintaining convenience & commitment. Moreover, through Legal issues involved in Telemedicine the medical information and images are kept confidential and safely transferred from one place to another. So, people can believe this system and feel comfort to seek help from telemedicine. Implementation of Telemedicine in rural areas helped the patients residing in inaccessible areas or isolated regions. Patients can receive clinical healthcare from their home without arduous travel to the hospital. Remote patient monitoring, homecare applications through computer or tablet or phone technology has reduced outpatient visits. Now doctors can verify prescription or supervise drug oversight. Furthermore, the home-bound patients can seek medical-help without moving to clinic through ambulance. Thus, cost of health care has been reduced. Virtual clinical treatment decreases human interaction among the Health professionals and patient’s role and attitude towards e-Health that increases the risk of error in clinical services, if the service is delivered by inexperienced professional. Moreover, confidential medical information can be leaked through faulty electronic system. Applications of Telemedicine facilitates health education, as the primary level healthcare professionals can observe the working procedure of healthcare-experts in their respective fields and the experts can supervise the works of the novice and eliminates the possibility of transmitting infectious diseases between patients and healthcare professionals. Ethical issues involved in Telemedicine require tough legal regulation to prevent unauthorized and illegal service providers in this sector.
  • Implementation of Telemedicine in rural areas
  • Ethical issues involved in Telemedicine
  • Legal issues involved in Telemedicine
  • Health professionals and patients role and attitude towards e-Health
  • Mobile Telemedicine
  • Remote patient monitoring , homecare applications
  • Applications of Telemedicine

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