Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.. Fitness, in simple terms, can be defined as a state of good health and wellbeing. It is the ability of an individual to perform effectively and efficiently in various forms of work.  The word vigorous actually signifies "with oxygen" or "within the sight of oxygen." Aerobic movement prepares the heart, lungs and cardiovascular framework to process and convey oxygen all the more rapidly and effectively to all aspects of the body. As the heart muscle ends up noticeably more grounded and more effective, a bigger measure of blood can be pumped with each pulse. 

  • Aerobic exercise and obesity
  • Neurobiological effects of physical exercise
  • Aerobic versus anaerobic exercise
  • Aerobic capacity
  • High-intensity interval training

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