Agriculture Microbiology

Agricultural microbiology which is the most important field of Microbiology for the economic and medical importance it holds. This field explores various aspects like the genetics, physiology, molecular biology, virulence & pathogenicity and other aspects of the plant microbes. It deals with the infectious agents of the microbes, improvements and resistance of the agricultural crops, economic importance and the beneficial aspects of the normal agricultural flora. A complete study and understanding is crucial in application of the microbes for augmentation of soil nutrients, which is increasing the resistance of plants against the plant pathogen, for understanding the interaction a microbe has with the plant, and crop robustness.

  • Food microbiology
  • Bio-fertilizer Production
  • Fermentation technology
  • Soil and Applied Microbiology
  • Use of microorganisms to the soil fertility.
  • Microorganisms to control illnesses and pests.

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