An Industry in Transition: Global Bioenergy Sector

With our present non-renewable energy resources depleting and the threat of global warming, due to the emission of GHGs from our present resources, increasing, there is an Industry transition all over the world towards renewable and more promising resource- Bioenergy. With the current resource base, it is clear that the practical potential of bioenergy is much greater than its current exploitation. Obstacles to greater use of bioenergy include poor matching between demand and resources, and high costs compared to other energy sources. The impact of bio-energy may be ecological or environmental. Many of the ecological and environmental impacts of bioenergy are associated with land use and land use change in connection to biomass production. Of particular high priority concerns regarding bio-energy are GHG emissions, habitat change, biodiversity, soil quality, and water quantity and quality. Most of the biomass we use commercially today comes from resources that are not sustainable. Our challenge is to ensure that biomass energy is produced in ways that not only reduce global warming pollution, but also protect the environment and do not increase the price of food.

Bioenergy is already making a substantial contribution to meeting global energy demand. This contribution can be expanded very significantly in the future, providing greenhouse gas savings and other environmental benefits, as well as contributing to energy security, improving trade balances, providing opportunities for social and economic development in rural communities, and improving the management of resources and wastes. Bioenergy could sustainably contribute between a quarter and a third of global primary energy supply in 2050. It is the only renewable source that can replace fossil fuels in all energy markets – in the production of heat, electricity, and fuels for transport.

  • Biomass Energy Potential
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Ethanol and Smog
  • Bio based Products
  • Bioenergy for Power and Heat

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