Analytical strategies for Antimicrobials & Antibiotics

The analysis of antibiotic susceptibility disks by high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods are presented for the potency determination of mecillinamampicillincarbenicillin, and cephalotjiin alone and in various combinations. Good agreement between HPLC and microbiological data is observed for potency determinations with recoveries of greater than 95%. Relative standard deviations of lower than 2% are recorded for each HPLC method. HPLC methods offer improved accuracy and greater precision when compared to the standard microbiological methods of analysis for susceptibility disks. The most popular analytical methods for the determination of beta-lactams are the chromatographic ones, including high performance liquid-chromatography (HPLC) and thin layer chromatography (TLC).

  • Bio analytical methods
  • Mass spectrometric strategies
  • Mass spectrometric strategies
  • Microbiological Analysis of Microbes
  • Resistance Gene Expression
  • Development of MAST: Microscopy based Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

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