Anatomical Pathology

Track 1: Anatomical Pathology

Anatomical pathology is a study that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the microscopic, macroscopic, molecular, immunologic and biochemical examination of organs and tissues. It also includes examination of the chemical properties of cells, and their immunological markers. This includes Surgical pathology is the examination of tissues removed during surgery. A common example is the examination of a small piece of tumour tissue to determine whether the tumour is malignant (cancerous) or benign and make a diagnosis. This procedure is called a biopsy. Histopathology is the examination of cells under a microscope which are stained with dye to make them visible or easier to see. Often, antibodies are used to label different parts of the cells with different colours of dye or fluorescence. Cytopathology is the examination of cells from various body sites to determine the cause or the nature of disease.





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