Animal Ethology

Animal Health 2017 is an international Animal Biology conference focuses on the recent developments taking place in the field of veterinary science.
Animal Ethology is the study of animal behavior and usually with a focus on behavior under natural conditions considering behavior as an evolutionary adaptive trait. It examines processes like animal aggression, mating habits and animal interaction. It is about what animals do, whether the animals are single-celled organisms or multicellular organisms. It is concerned with understanding the causes, functions, development, and evolution of behavior.
Animal Behavioral ecology is the study of the evolutionary traits of animal behavior due to ecological pressures. It has emerged from ethology based on four questions to address when studying animal behavior which are the proximate causes, survival value, ontogeny and phylogeny of behavior. Animal ethology involves research on animal behaviour in the context of what is known about animal anatomy, neurobiology, physiology and phylogenetic history.
This field plays a major role in examining effect of animal’s environment on the health of animals.
  • Animal Behavioural Ecology
  • Animal Behavioural Psychology
  • Social Psychology and Group Dynamics
  • Animal Behavior and Phylogeny
  • Animal Behavioural Physiology

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