Application of Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering is addressed to create functional tissues which include cells, scaffolds, and bioactive molecules. It is the development of biological substitutes that maintains, improves or restores tissue functions resulting in sidestepping the problems associated with tissue damage. In the present, it is treated with transplants, mechanical devices or surgical reconstructions, these three medical therapies have saved and improved countless patients’ lives with few associated problems. For example, transplantation in organs shows limitations such as transplant rejections and lack of donor to cover all the worldwide demand. Mechanical devices are not capable of accomplishing all the functions related to the tissue and also the prevention of progressive deterioration in patients.  Thus it has informed that Tissue Engineering arises from the need to provide more definitive solutions to tissue repairs.

  • Biomechanical stimulation
  • Cell-based tissue engineering and cell signaling
  • Liver Tissue Engineering
  • Cardiac Tissue engineering
  • Cartilage Tissue engineering
  • Bone Tissue Tissue engineering
  • Challenges in tissue engineering
  • Vascular tissue engineering
  • Tissue engineering via gene delivery
  • Cryo tissue engineering and equipment design

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