Applications of Automation

Vehicle control can be defined as the set of tasks involved in navigating, guiding, and manoeuvring a vehicle2 via control of the electrical, mechanical and other devices provided on the vehicle for these purposes. Vehicle control can in its broadest sense be either entirely manual, entirely automated, or on a point somewhere along the continuum between these two extremes. The application of telematics to Vehicle Control involves the development and deployment of Autonomous and Infrastructure linked systems whose aim is to assist drivers in controlling their vehicle. ‘Automated Highway Systems’ or ‘Automated Vehicle Guidance’ is where vehicle guidance and control inputs are derived from on-board sensors, which can be supplemented by equipment residing outside the vehicle. Vehicle control is affected without intervention by the driver although driver override is still possible.

The engineering discipline for developing and application of multi-link computer-controlled robots is relatively new and is denoted as “robotics.” Control systems engineering, besides image processing and measurement techniques, represents essentially the background for robotics. Manufacturing Automation is a key technology necessary for improving the quality and quantity of manufactured products. This technology is especially important in developing countries due to the shortage of skilled workers in those countries. Two key components of manufacturing automation will be touch in the following sections. First, a list and a brief description of modern manufacturing machines and their methods of operation are given. Then, a description of the special nature of control systems in the manufacturing domain is given with an overview of the available theory and technologies in this area. Third, a description of methods of ensuring the health of manufacturing machines is given. 

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