Applications of Graphene and Semiconductors

Track 8: Applications of Graphene and Semiconductors:

 Most of the products we enjoy every day are derived from Graphene even though we may not readily appreciate this. Graphene have contribution in the way we work and we use. One particular area in which we will soon begin to see graphene is used on a commercial scale is that in optical electronics, mainly in touchscreens, liquid crystal displays (LCD) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) .graphene could be used as an ultrafiltration medium to act as a barrier between two substances. Because it allows water to pass through it and it is almost completely related to liquids and gases. High power graphene super capicators could be used for the preparation of batteries. Graphene also pave the way for the bionic devices in living tissues that could be connected directly to your neurons.There are so many applications of semiconductor devices that it is being said that semiconductor devices has become the foundation of modern electronics. They are being used in manufacturing computers, in space research, in medical sciences etc. A transistor is one of the most widely used semiconductor devices. The use of semiconductor devices in making high speed computer chips, calculators, telephones and other variety of things like medical equipment’s and robotics.

  • Thermal properties of Graphene and Semiconductors
  • Mechanical properties of Graphene and Semiconductors
  • Magnetic properties of Graphene and Semiconductors
  • Electrical and Electronic properties of Graphene and Semiconductors
  • Electonic propeties of Graphene and Semiconductors
  • Biological properties of Graphene and Semi conductors
  • Advanced Characterization Techniques
  • Health and Medical Applications

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