Applied Science of Exercise Techniques

Movement that is necessary to achieved by functional activities that can be viewed, in the simplest form, as muscles or external forces moving bones in various patterns or ranges of motions.

Recent studies have compared short- and long-term outcomes of exercise techniques use after various types of surgery using various parameters as well as exercise techniques with other methods of early movement and positioning. Some studies have shown no significant difference between patients undergoing CPM and those undergoing PROM or other forms of early motion Some studies have identified detrimental effects, such as the need for greater analgesic intervention and increased postoperative blood drainage.

  • Pheripheral joint Mobilization/Manipulation
  • Joint , Connective Tissue, and Bone Disorders and Management
  • Aquatic exercise
  • Strecthing for Impaired Mobility
  • Surgical interventions and Postperative

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