Autism Associated Syndromes & Disorders

Autistic disorders are often also known as autism and most recently described as mindblindedness is actually a neurological & developmental disorder can generally appear in a child as a sign of this disorder during the first 3 years of age. It has been observed that approximately 15 out of 10,000 children born are diagnosed with autism and prevalent in boys more than girls by four times.

A child with autistic disorder tends to live in their own life rather than showing any interest in social awareness or interaction, finds difficulty in communication, avoid eye contacts and become resistant to change.

There are some syndromes/ comorbidities which occur in people on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The fact is that individual having autism spectrum does not mean that they will invariably hanve any of these conditions.

These are: ADHD, Catatonia, Cerebral Lipidosis, Crohn's disease, Disorder of attention, motor co-ordination and perception (DAMP), Down syndrome, Dyskinesia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Fragile X Syndrome, Hyperkinetic disorder AKA Hyperkinesis, Lesch Nyhan syndrome, Learning Disability, Miller Dieker syndrome, Rett syndrome, Rubella, Semantic-pragmatic disorder, Smith Magenis syndrome, West's syndrome, Williams syndrome,  Angelman syndrome


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