Autism Tests

Early tests and diagnosis make a huge difference and change in the lives of the children having autism spectrum disorder and their families. As there is no laboratory test for autism disorder, so it is not always easy to make an ASD diagnosis. So doctors also has to rely on the symptoms and observing the behaviors and listening to the concerns with their family or parents

The following symptoms are most common in case of autistic disorder though each child may experience different symptoms. The symptoms are as per follows

No babbling or pointing or showing gestures by the age of 12 months

No single word spoken by the child till age of 18 months

Does not socially interact with others and even with parents

Fails to interact or make new friends with other children

Shows lack of interest in physical contact often described as unaffectionate and avoid eye contact even with parents

Shows repetitive motor behavior like rocking and hand or finger flapping

Other symptoms includes like requires routines, has rituals and hates noise

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  • Applied behavior analysis 
  • Autism diagnostic observation schedule
  • Childhood autism rating scale
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
  • Embarrassing body autism test
  • Autism spectrum test
  • Specific language impairment diagnosis
  • Advances in autism test
  • Differential diagnosis 

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