Behavioral Treatment & Counselling

Obesity counselling is beneficial for those who are overweight. It provides and encouragement, guidance and support to the individuals to overcome the problem and improve their quality of life. Management of a patient with obesity includes lifestyle changes of increasing physical activity and reducing calorie intake. Counselling also provides emotional strength to manage feelings like stress, and unhappiness without turning to food. Proper counselling helps people with obesity to realize that weight loss is a slow process that requires hard work and commitment.

So, one has to be strong and patient to follow the right weight loss plan. It also highlights the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for weight loss and maintenance, apart from identifying other factors like genetic and environment that are becoming an obstacle.

Behaviourial scientists have suggested a framework for behavioural counselling known as the 5 A’s (ask advise, assess, assist, and arrange) which has been used to improve the outcomes of a patient.

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  • Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

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