Behavioural & Environmental Factors

Corpulence is a final product of the mind boggling co-operations of science, conduct, and environment. Late theories in established researchers propose the ebb and flow weight plague is being driven generally by environmental variables as opposed to organic ones. Natural components like high fat sustenance, super-sized segments, fast food consumption assume a notable part in event of bulkiness. People are dependent on high fat and calorie, exceptionally attractive and modest sustenance. Behaviour is one of the elements affecting weight pick up. Learned practices like utilizing edibles to express love, eating by overlooking body signals prompt weight.

  • Roles of physiological and biochemical changes in obesity
  • Lifestyle and Obesity
  • Epidemic public health, Environmental and Economic issues
  • Social and economic issues
  • Grandparental and parental influences on childhood obesity
  • Environmental influences on intake and obesity
  • Emotional or Social Problems
  • Habitual Causes of obesity
  • Occupational Causes
  • Depression and Anxiety in Obese Patients

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