Behavioural Medicine and Counselling studies

Behavioural treatment is an approach used to help people build up an arrangement of aptitudes to accomplish a more advantageous weight. It is more than peopling to choose what to change; it is helping them recognize how to change. The conduct change process is encouraged using self-observing, objective setting, and critical thinking. Examines are recommend that behavioural treatment produces weight reduction of 8–10% amid the initial 6 months of treatment. Organized methodologies, for example, feast substitutions and nourishment arrangement have been appeared to expand the extent of weight reduction. Most research on behavioural treatment has been directed in college based facility programs.

  • Healthcare and Mental Health
  • Behavioral Counseling and Psychological Treatment
  • General Psychology
  • Therapeutic lifestyle changes
  • Targeting obesity by behavioral therapy
  • Behavioral therapy in obese children and adolescents
  • Behavioural therapy for weight loss
  • Antidepressant
  • Behaviour Modification & Physical Activity to Prevent Childhood Obesity

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