Bench to Bedside: Medical Microbiology

Medical microbiology is a branch of medicine concerned with the aversion, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. In integration, this field of science studies sundry clinical applications of microbes for the amelioration of health. There are four kinds of microorganisms that cause infectious disease: bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and one type of infectious protein called a prion. Medical microbiologists often make treatment recommendations to the patient’s medico predicated on the strain of microbe and its antibiotic resistances, the site of infection, the potential toxicity of antimicrobial drugs and any drug allergies the patient has. Medical microbiology is not only about diagnosing and treating disease; it additionally involves the study of benign microbes. Microbes have been shown to be subsidiary in combating infectious disease and promoting health. Treatments can be developed from microbes, as demonstrated by Alexander Fleming's revelation of penicillin as well as the development of incipient antibiotics from the bacterial genus Streptomyces among many others. Not only are microorganisms a source of antibiotics but some may withal act as probiotics to provide health benefits to the host, such as providing better gastrointestinal health or inhibiting pathogens.
  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Zoonoses and control
  • Immunity: Response, evasion, and tolerance
  • Gastrointestinal and urinary tract infections
  • Liver infections: Diagnosis of hepatitis and control
  • Innate Immunity and determinants of microbial pathogenesis
  • Staphylococcal Diseases
  • Hematological malignancies
  • Bacterial and fungal skin infections
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis : Prevention and control
  • Biodefense and emerging diseases
  • Antimicrobial Peptides: Mechanism, function and application
  • Travel medicine, tropical and parasitic diseases

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