Beneficial Microbes

Microbes have been around for more than 3.5 billion years. That makes them the oldest form of life on Earth. For the past six million years they have been evolving together with humans. As they have changed over time, microbes and humans have formed complex relationships with each other. Humans need microbes to stay healthy, and many microbes need the environments provided by the human body to survive. Nature is beautiful and is packed with a variety of species and organisms. Microorganisms are one among them. Microorganisms include those organisms which are too tiny to be observed by naked eyes. They may be either unicellular or multicellular. They can be beneficial, harmless or disease causing pathogen.

  • Friendly Microorganisms The environment is incomplete without microorganisms. They are a crucial part of the ecosystem and take part in activities like production of minerals like nitrogen, gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, cleaning by action on dead mat
  • Plant-associated Microbial Communities
  • Friendly Micro-Organisms
  • Food Industry & Beverages
  • Micro-flora
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Environment

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