Beneficial Microbes in Food Technology

Food processing is the process of making food from the different raw materials through physical and chemical processes. Microorganisms, mainly bacteria have been used to prepare wide range of food products like bread, yogurt or curd, alcoholic beverages, cheese, food processing and preservation, etc. for a long time. The most important bacteria in food manufacturing are Lactobacillus species, also referred to as lactic bacteria. For example- Yeasts are responsible for the fermentation process which produces alcohol in wine. However, lactic bacteria also play an important role, as they convert the unstable malic acid that is naturally present in wine into the stable lactic acid.

In recent years, probiotic cultures have become popular in dairy products because of their health benefits. These cultures are all very carefully selected strains, and there is good evidence that they help improve digestion, safeguard the immune system, and keep the body’s intestinal flora in balance. 

  • Food processing techniques
  • Bio-preservation
  • Role of Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Role in fermented and functional foods
  • Exploring Phage Ecology, Genetics and Impact in Food Fermentations
  • Role of Functional Fermented Whey Foods in Human Health
  • Significance of Biogeneic Amines in Fermented Foods
  • Role of Microbes and their diversity in Fermented Foods

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