Bio engineering

Bio-engineering  implies the concepts and methods of biology to resolve problems related to life sciences and the application thereof, using engineering's own analytical and synthetic methodologies.  It is the interface in between engineering and medicine. Biological engineering uses molecular biology to study and advance applications of organisms and to create biotechnology. It improves the performance and also brings down the cost of healthcare technology. Industrial bio-engineering helps for the creation of artificial organs by technical means and also  finds ways of growing organs and tissues by means of regenerative medicine to reduced the lost physiological functions and to develop genetically modified organisms with desired properties (protein engineering, engineering enzymology). It is closely related to biotechnology, nanotechnology and 3D printing.


  • 5-1. Computational bio-engineering
  • 5-2. Advanced technologies in bio-engineering
  • 5-3. Stimulational modeling in bio-engineering
  • 5-4. Stem cell bio-engineering
  • 5-5. Fourier transform in bio-engineering
  • 5-6. Electro chemical bio-engineering
  • 5-7. Molecular modeling in drug design

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