Bio fluid Mechanics

The flow behaviour of biological fluids in living organisms plays a crucial role in determining the state of the tissue through which they flow. Bio fluid mechanics, the study of the fundamentals of biological fluid flow, has been recognized to be extremely important for the understanding of how changes in the flow behaviour within living tissue maybe affect both the fluid and the tissue. Fluids in living tissue include blood, water, air and bodily fluids of animals, as well as the fluids in plants. The movement and balance of forces in resting fluids and fluids in motion are among the basic subjects for research. Bio fluid mechanics is a field whose importance to the field of bioengineering has increased over the last two decades as pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and non-invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures create changes in the fluid mechanics of bio fluids. Bio fluid mechanics is a complex field including one of the most important areas of study--blood flow and cardiovascular diseases.


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