Bio Nanotechnology

Bionanotechnology is the term that refer to the juncture of nanotechnology and biology.
This discipline aids to indicate the fusion of biological research with several fields of nanotechnology. Concepts that are improved through nanobiology are comprises with  nanoscale, nanodevices , and nanoparticles phenomena that occurs within the discipline of nanotechnology.

This technical approach to biology allows researchers to imagine and create systems that can be used for biological research.
In compare to chemical and physical methods, microbial processes for synthesizing nanomaterials can be achieved in aqueous stage under gentle and environmentally benign conditions. This approach has become an eye-catching focus in current green bionanotechnology study towards sustainable development.

  • Nanobiology
  • DNA Nanotechnology
  • Gene Therapy
  • Protein Nanotechnology
  • Cellular Engineering
  • Lipid Nanotechnogy
  • Carbon Nanotechnology
  • Green Nanotechnology

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