Bio-Separations: Recent Advances

 Mixtures come in many Phases. The kind of separation method depends on what kind of mixture it is. Chromatography is used in washing machines to squeeze water from wet clothes. Separation of different fractions from petroleum products is done by simple distillation. Used in washing machines to squeeze water from wet clothes is by centrifugation. Separating pigments from natural colours is by chromatography. The purpose of a separation may be analytical,  can be used as a lie components in the original mixture without any attempt to save the fractions, or may be preparative, i.e. to "prepare" fractions or samples of the components that can be saved.

  • Separation techniques in biochemistry
  • Separation techniques in petroleum industry
  • Separation techniques in biotechnology
  • Separation techniques in waste water treatment
  • Separation techniques in forensic science

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