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A biosimilar is a duplicate adaptation of a biologic medication. In the event that the U.S. Sustenance and Drug Administration supports a medication as a biosimilar, they say it is as protected and viable as the first "reference" tranquilize that was replicated. To clarify what a biosimilar tranquilize is, we need to begin with biologic medications. A biologic medication isn't produced using synthetic concoctions (like how ibuprofen or most chemotherapy is made). A biologic medication is made by or from a living life form. It could be made by a microbes, yeast, cell, or tissue (like how yeast makes brew). Or on the other hand it might be produced using cells or tissues (like platelets or live immunizations).

  • Biopharmaceutics and drug disposition
  • BA-BE of drugs
  • Novel Approaches in Bio Pharmaceutics
  • Drug-dose safety

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