Bio-Tech & Bio-Med Applications of Membranes

Membranes have constantly been an essential part of biotechnology processes. The sterile filtration of fermentation media, protein product pools and purification buffers is standard practice in industry. A significant number of mammalian cell processes use filtration as an integral part of the overall strategy for viral clearance. And the development of biomedical membranes and their applications for (bio)artificial organs. It covers the state of art and main challenges for applying synthetic membranes in these organs. It also highlights the importance of accomplishing an integration of engineering with biology and medicine to understand and manage the scientific, industrial, clinical and ethical aspects of these organs. Membrane and membrane processes are now receiving snowballing attention as an effective tool in current biotechnology for downstream processing of bioreactor components, sterilization of feed streams or immobilization of biocatalysts.



Membranes have always been an integral part of biotechnology processes. Polymer membranes' preparation, functionalization and applications in biotechniques including affinity membrane chromatography, membrane-based biosensor and membrane-based bioreactor. Integrating the properties of synthetic membranes with biological catalysts such as cells and enzymes forms the basis of an exciting new technology called membrane bioreactors. Medical applications of artificial membranes. Specific consideration is given to drug delivery systems, artificial organs and tissue engineering which seem to control the interest of the membrane community this period.  Medical membrane market has viewed unprecedented growth over the last few periods owing to its increased uses in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare and many more.

  • Membrane Bioreactor
  • Membrane Chromatography
  • Membrane Contactor
  • Bio Transformation

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