Biocatalysis and Biotransformation

The impact of bio catalysis in the future will be the enlarge of ability to use enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions in industrial processes, including the manufacture of drug material, flavors, fragrances, electronic chemicals, polymers—chemicals that literally impact almost every facet of your life. It has become a substitute method of choice for the production of fine chemicals at high yields and excellent selectivity under mild reaction condition. In adopting biocatalysis as a mainstream technology for chemical production, is introducing a technology that is greener, reduces pollution and cost, and creates greater sustainability Environmental catalysis and Nano Catalysis. Biotransformation is a chemical modification (or modifications) of chemical compounds such as nutrients amino acids, toxins and drugs in the body by an organism ending in the production of mineral compounds like CO2, NH4+, H2O or water-soluble compounds so that it can be easily eliminated from the body.

  • Biotransformation of xenobiotics
  • Proteomics and Enzymology
  • Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Natural Catalysts
  • Drug Metabolism and Disposition

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