Bioelectrochemical treatment Systems

Bio-electrochemical Systems are integrated systems combining wastewater treatment with energy generation and resource recovery.Bioelectrochemical Systems use microorganisms to catalyse different electrochemical reactions, as well as generating electrical power from wastes, the generation of many different chemical products or biofuels ,and the removal of organic, and/or inorganic compounds from water flows. Groundwater, as the main resource of drinking water, is usually characterized by low conductivity (less than 1 MS cm-1). Low ionic strength influences oxidation and reduction processes (in terms of removal efficiencies and loads), and the energy and current productions. Cathode over potential represents almost 80% of the total energy losses, as cathode microbial community consumes energy to catalyse reduction reactions.


  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Microbial Electrolysis Cells
  • Resource Recovery from Waste using Bioelectrochemical Systems
  • Convert Carbon Dioxide into Valuable Chemicals

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