Bioenergetics & Dietary Interventions

Bioenergetics, the process of converting victuals into a utilizable form of energy, is directly cognate to overall metabolism. The concept of energy for most people on a day-to day substratum is an elusive one. It is that longed for health trait, presenting itself swiftly at certain points in our day, and then lost as expeditiously as it was gained. Diet induced inordinate corpulence is associated with impaired mitochondrial function and dynamic deportment. Mitochondrial dynamic processes with their stringent interconnection with mitochondrial bioenergetics are involved in energy balance and diet impact on metabolic tissues.


  • Nutrition & Growth
  • Natural Food-Based Supplements
  • Nutrition Education & Behavioral Science
  • Nutritional Immunology & Inflammation
  • Nutritional Microbiology
  • Diet Management Studies
  • Human Bioenergetics’

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