Biohydrogen production

Biohydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced biologically, most commonly by algae, bacteria and archaea. Biohydrogen is a potential biofuel obtainable from both cultivation and from waste organic materials. Hydrogen is a valuable gas as a clean energy source and as feed stock for some industries. The environment is not pollute by this gas. Hydrogen gas used as feedstock for the production of chemicals, hydrogenation of fats and oils in food industry, production of electronic devices, processing steel and also for desulfurization and re-formulation of gasoline in refineries. Oil-sands processing, gas-to-liquids and coal gasification projects require a huge amount of hydrogen and are expected to increase the demand for hydrogen significantly within the next few years. 

  • Nano technology in Biopolymer
  • Fermentative Hydrogen Production
  • Enzyme systems for hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen from organic compounds
  • Production of Hydrogen from Alcohol
  • Biohydrogen purification
  • Integrating dark and light biohydrogen production
  • Photobiological Hydrogen Production
  • Biohydrogen from Renewable Resources
  • Bio hydrogen production from waste materials

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