Biological Oceanography

Biological oceanography is the study of life in the oceans the distribution, abundance, and production of marine species along with the processes that govern species' spread and development. The goal of biological oceanography is to understand what controls the abundances, kinds, and temporal variation of organisms in the sea. Our research and teaching programs are oriented toward a mechanistic understanding of processes. To this end we employ a variety of approaches including field observations, laboratory experiments and theoretical models. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists approach the study of marine organisms from different perspectives. Biological oceanographers tend to study how organisms both shape and are shaped by the physics, chemistry, and geology of a system while marine biologists tend to study organisms themselves, including their physiology, life history, and distribution patterns. IGPMS has an array of opportunities in both of these related and at times overlapping areas. 

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  • Sea Fermentation
  • Marine Toxicology
  • Coral Reef Biology
  • Carbon Cycling

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