Biomarkers in Patient selection

Biomarkers in patient selection point towards Personalized medication. Diverse individual reacts contrastingly to various medicines which results in treatment's poor results. For stratification of various patients as per their treatment reaction molecular profiling of the individual is finished. This stratification demonstrative shows towards various Biomarkers that are distinguished in a person in light of unmistakable medicines. With these markers distinguishing patients that will probably react positively to a given treatment, deciding the inclination to malady at the populace level, the medication portions and the convey time is advanced.


As per the Recent Biomarkers related with various clinical treatment reaction connected with individual patients have been distinguished. These Biomarkers involve benchmark qualities and changes after the treatment. Using such sort of characteristic markers can result in focused examinations and accomplishment of the ideal treatment result. Recognizing the subclass of patients who is probably going to react to medications and creating biomarkers for patient stratification before enrollment for clinical preliminaries would enhance adequacy and reaction rates.


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  • Translating Biomarkers into Complementary & Companion Diagnostics
  • Genomics & proteomics evaluations: Role of Biomarkers & Case studies
  • Biomarkers for patient stratification in pre-clinical trials
  • Drug response test using Biomarkers
  • Biomarkers to guide clinical decision making & molecular profiling

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