Biomarkers: Validation and Verification

In the biomarker pipeline, the technologies that will enable the use of biomarkers in drug discovery and development vary depending on the research stage. The second stage, biomarker validation and clinical assay development, depends upon extremely sensitive and specific high-throughput immunoassays. The single greatest challenge in discovering biomarkers with clinical utility is the sensitivity and specificity necessary to determine that a biomarker is truly positive for disease or disease toxicodynamics, and can be used to detect deviations from normal. The molecular biomarkers conferences provide good exposure in drug discovery. Biomarkers have special applications in the areas of translational medicine, clinical development and safety assessment where they are put through several stages of drug discovery, development and validation.

  • Omics Technologies in Biomarkers Discovery and Validation
  • Latest diagnosis techniques
  • Assessment of drug response
  • Advancements in analysis
  • Application of tools

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