Biomaterials and Healthcare

A large amount of our work emphases on materials that can stimulate helpful biological responses from the body, such as the stimulation of tissue repair. Tissue manufacturing has the potential to achieve this by uniting materials design and manufacturing with cell therapy. Biomaterials can deliver physical supports for plotted tissues and powerful topographical and chemical signs to guide cells. Biomaterials manufacturing contains synthesis, processing, and description of novel materials, comprising polymers, proteins, glasses, cements, composites and hybrids. Presenting nanoscale signs such as nanotopography or nanoparticles as therapeutic agents deliver an exciting approach to moderate cell performance. In order to probe the cell-material interface, we are establishing new analytical and non-invasive methods such as high resolution electron microscopy and live cell bio-Raman micro-spectroscopy. Also developing new synthetic biocompatible polymeric materials with unparalleled function and penetrating their biological efficiency. With the current progress in biomaterials we can expect a future healthcare which will be economically feasible to us. Consumables and equipments were worth US$ 47.7 billion in 2014 and is further expected to reach US$ 55.5 billion in 2020 with a CAGR (2015 to 2020) of 3%. The dental equipment is the quickest growing market due to continuous technological innovations and is driven by increasing demand for professional dental services and growing consumer awareness. The major players in the Global Dental market are 3M ESPE, Biolase Inc., Carestream Health Inc., Danaher Corporation, DENTSPLY International Inc. A-Dec Inc. 3, GC Corporation, Patterson Companies Inc., Planmeca Oy, Sirona Dental Systems Inc., Straumann.

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