Biomaterials, Bio polymers & Biosensors

A bio-based material is a material intentionally made from substances derived from living (or once-living) organisms. These materials are sometimes referred to as biomaterials, but this word also has another meaning. Strictly the definition could include many common materials such as wood and leather, but it typically refers to modern materials that have undergone more extensive processing. Unprocessed materials may be called biotic material. Bio-based materials or biomaterials fall under the broader category of bioproducts or bio-based products which includes materials, chemicals, and energy derived from renewable biological resources.

These are the polymers that are biodegradable. The raw materials used for the synthesis of bio polymers will be either renewable, i.e. based on plant or animal products. Bio polymers have several properties based on the material, e.g. barrier capacity. It is a renewable, greener and smart option to avoid usage of materials like polyethylene. In addition to this it plays a crucial role in managing the waste process.

Biosensors are used for the detection of biological analyte like enzyme, antibodies, cell receptors, organelles etc. The different types of biosensors with few modifications can be used to for the detection of glucose level in body, microbial invasion in body and food, heavy metals detection in soil, water and air-borne microbes, pesticides in water and soil and various harmful chemicals produced by body.

  • For cancer therapy
  • Biomaterials for ophthalmic applications
  • Biomaterials in vascular grafts and embolic devices
  • Starch bio polymers
  • Cellulose bio polymers
  • Protein bio polymers
  • Poly hydroxy alkanotes
  • Algal biopolymers
  • Bioplastics
  • Imaging senors
  • DNA biosensors
  • Canerous cell biosensors
  • Food analyis
  • Ozone biosensors

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