Biomaterials for Therapeutic and Investigative Delivery

Biomaterials play a vital role in modern therapeutic delivery. Novel biocompatible polymeric gene carriers have been examined for their potential in treating diverse genetic and acquired diseases. The researchers are working on the biomaterial approaches to significantly improve outcomes of gene therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. Biomaterial nano-carriers for delivery of multiple theranostic agents are also a main field for research. Biomaterials are potentially critical components for therapeutic delivery of stem cells and for studying in-vitro models that can be utilized to assess mechanisms of cell behavior. Novel biomaterials that can be used for a broad spectrum of biomedical applications are implantable devices, tissue engineeringimaging agentsregenerative medicinebiosensors and actuators. The nano biomaterial architecture is the basis for fabrication of novel integrated systems involving cells, growth factors, proteins, cytokines, drug molecules, and other biomolecules with the rationale of creating an universal, all-purpose nano-biomedical devices for personalized therapies.

Drug delivery systems have unusual materials requirements which derive mainly from their therapeutic role: to administer drugs over prolonged periods of time at rates that are independent of patient-to-patient variables. The chemical nature of the surfaces of such devices may stimulate bio-rejection processes which can be enhanced or suppressed by the simultaneous presence of the drug that is being administered. In gene-delivery, biomaterials can be removed surgically, minimizing the effect of gene products if some unexpected side effects should be observed after application.

  • For therapeutic delivery
  • In gene therapy
  • Theranostic delivery
  • Drug-processing devices
  • RNAi-enabled biomaterials
  • Extracellular media for therapeutic delivery
  • For Imaging
  • In Personalized medicine

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