Biomedical Engineering and Obesity

The obesity solutions were primarily in three areas: devices, materials, and information management. Biomedical engineering community developed devices for minimally invasive surgery for laparoscopy to implantation and endoscopy with suturing device for gastric treatment and related applications. Signalling devices, implantable and wearable devices for monitoring purposes was also developed.

New and innovative engineering approaches need to address clinical problems related to energy balance, energy intake, and energy expenditureNovel sensors, devices, imaging, and other technologies, including technologies to detect biochemical markers of energy balance are expected to be developed and evaluated by collaborating engineers, physical scientists, mathematicians, and scientists from other relevant disciplines with expertise in obesity and nutrition.

  • Micro-Macro Obesity Dynamics
  • Role of DXA Software, PEAPOD in Obesity
  • Use of Hi-tech tools - Controlling Childhood Obesity
  • Computational Tools for Prioritizing Candidate Genes
  • Treating Obesity Utilizing Vagal Blocking Technology

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