Biomedical Technologies in Telemedicine

Wireless medical devices created a great response for advanced healthcare and homecare. These devices eliminated the need to venture into a hospital or doctor’s office which lowered the cost of healthcare. The biomedical technologies include Remote Surgery, Bio-sensors in Telemedicine, Bioinformatics in Telemedicine, Tele Transmission, and Nanotechnology - Telemedicine. Medical robotics is an advanced and contemporary field in medical science that implicates numerous operations and extensive use of tele presence. The International Space Station serves as a testbed for the Space & Telemedicine technologies to facilitate future missions and enhance the excellence of healthcare delivery on Earth.
  • Remote Surgery
  • Bio-Sensors in Telemedicine
  • Medical Robotics
  • Bioinformatics in Telemedicine
  • Tele Transmission
  • Space & Telemedicine
  • Nanotechnology & Telemedicine

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