Biometrics Applications

Biometrics Applications: It incorporates different future employments of the biometrics which could be animal biometrics and its applications in pre-clinical research, biometrics of signals, biometric execution reviewing plan, automatic face analysis and programming testing and cloud computing, producers and business opportunities


As connectivity continues to spread across the globe, it is clear that old security methods are simply not strong enough to protect what’s most important. Thankfully, biometric technology is more accessible than ever before, ready to bring enhanced security and greater convenience to whatever needs protecting, from a door, to your car to the PIN on your phone. Some of the applications include: Biometric Time Clocks or Biometric time and attendance systems, which are being increasingly used in various organisations to control employee timekeeping; Biometric safes and biometric locks provides security to the homeowners; Biometric access control systems, providing strong security at entrances; Biometric systems are also developed for securing access to pc's and providing single logon facilities; Wireless biometrics for high end security and providing safer transactions from wireless devices like PDA's, etc; Applications of biometrics technology in identifying DNA patterns for identifying criminals, etc.; Biometrics airport security devices are also deployed at some of the world's famous airports to enhance the security standards.

  • Animal biometrics and its applications in pre-clinical research
  • Biometrics of gestures
  • Biometric performance grading scheme
  • Automatic face analysis
  • Software testing and cloud computing
  • Manufacturers and business opportunities

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