Biomolecules are molecules that are involved in the maintenance and metabolic processes of living organisms. These non-living molecules are the actual foot-soldiers of the battle of sustenance of life. They range from small molecules such as primary and secondary metabolites and hormones to large macromolecules like proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids etc.Biomolecules are usually involved in the maintenance & metabolic processes of living organisms. These molecules are non-living molecules for the battle of sustenance of life. They have a wide range of small molecules like primary & secondary metabolites to Large macromolecules like proteins, lipids, etc.Biomolecules are formed by joining many small units together to form a long chain. This process is called synthesis. These molecules are involved in the maintenance and metabolic processes of living organisms.

  • Types Of Biomolecules
  • Nucleosides & Nucleotides
  • Lipids,Lignin, Amino Acids & Carbohydrates
  • Saccharides

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