Biopolymers in Enzymology

The development of artificial biology has reworked microbes into helpful factories for manufacturing valuable polymers and/or their precursors from renewable biomass. Recent progress at the interface of chemistry and biology has enabled the assembly of a spread of recent biopolymers with properties that well take issue from their petroleum-derived counterparts. This review touches on recent trials and achievements within the field of biopolymer synthesis, as well as chemo-enzymatically synthesized acyclic polyesters, entirely biosynthesized lactate-based polyesters, polyhydroxyalkanoates and different uncommon bacterially synthesized polyesters. The increasing diversities in structure and the material properties of biopolymers ar key for exploring sensible applications. The protein and metabolic engineering approaches toward this goal are mentioned by shedding lightweight on the fortunate case studies.

  • Biospectroscopy
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology

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