Biosensors Applications

Biosensors applications such as Biosensors Graphene-based enzymatic and non-enzymatic electrodes can efficiently detect glucose, cytochrome-c, NADH, hemoglobin, HRP, and cholesterol, hydrogen peroxide, AA, UA, DA, respectively. Nanocapsules are nanoscale shells made out of a non-toxic polymer. They are vesicular systems that are made up of a polymeric membrane which is encapsulates the inner liquid core at the nanoscale level. Nanocapsules have a myriad of uses, which include promising medical applications for drug delivery, food enhancement, nutraceuticals, and for the self-healing of materials.

  • Common Healthcare Checking
  • Metabolites Measurement
  • Insulin treatment
  • Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Diagnosis of Disease
  • In Military Research and Development
  • Agricultural, and Veterinary Applications
  • Drug Improvement, Offense Detection
  • Processing & Monitoring in Industrial
  • Ecological Pollution Control
  • Biotechnology Biosensors
  • Chemosensors
  • Biomedicine
  • Biomarkers
  • Biosensor Surfaces Application

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