Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies

Biosimilars and biobetters industry is likely to become a lot more dynamic and strategic than we’ve seen with small molecule generics; there will begin to become a premium on flexibility and willingness to take chances in an ever-shifting competitive and regulatory environment. The approval of the first biosimilar in the US is expected to save the healthcare industry and patients $5.7 billion over the next decade. The US biosimilars market is expected to reach $2 billion by 2018 and with the first biosimilar approved recently in America, this is an exciting time for the biosimilar field with approval in the US expected to increase during the next ten years. The regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly so it is important to understand the developments in the biosimilar guideline framework and the cohesion in legislation between the US and Europe. Key factors driving market growth include patent expiries of key biological drugs, cost containment measures from governments, aging population, and supporting legislations. The recent establishment of regulatory guidelines for biosimilars in the US is expected to add further momentum to the growth of the global biosimilars market. Increasing pressure from governments and insurers for greater biologic competition, there exists an incredible opportunity for biosimilar producers to capitalise on what is set to become the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Advice from experts was clear; biosimilar companies need to focus on products that see IP [intellectual property] begin to expire beyond 2020, the so-called third wave of biosimilar opportunity.

  • Biosimilars and Non-Originator Biologics
  • Biosimilar Regime
  • Use of Autologous IL-1ra and Other Cytokines in Orthopedics
  • Technological Platform for Innovative and Biosimilar Antibodies
  • Biosimilars and Non-Originator Biologics
  • Novel Cell-Based Bioassays for Analysis of mAb Fc Effector and Immune Checkpoint

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